Kitted out for Conversion

Kitted out for Conversion

Valeo details the benefits of replacing standard fit dual mass flywheels using a solid flywheel conversion kit.

Valeo solid flywheel conversion kits are designed to replace standard fit dual mass flywheels by using a long travel damper system in the clutch friction plate. This clutch plate replicates the movement and damping characteristics of a dual mass flywheel, meaning driver comfort is not affected.

If a standard clutch friction plate is used with a solid fly wheel conversion, the damping effect of the dual mass fly wheel is removed which could possibly cause damage to the engine or gearbox.

Valeo conversion kits do not use standard clutch friction plates. Contained in the conversion kit is a clutch plate that has been specifically designed and tested for the application it is listed for. All Valeo solid flywheel conversion kits are covered under the same warranty as standard fit clutches. Valeo produces various solid flywheel conversion kits to fit a number of manufacturers’ vehicles, including:

■ Volkswagen
■ Ford
■ Citroen/Peugeot
■ Mercedes
■ Renault
■ Iveco
■ Fiat

The advantages of fitting a Valeo conversion kit are:

    • Full engine and gearbox protection
    • Noise and vibration dampening
    • Excellent driver comfort
    • Increased clutch life (no wearing parts in the flywheel)
    • Better thermal resistance
    • Increased capacity for torque transmission

When a Valeo solid conversion kit is fitted, always use the bolts supplied in the kit and tighten to the specified torque.

The flywheel bolts and clutch cover bolts are supplied in all Valeo conversion kits and have been specifically designed for this application.

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