Lucas Oil details its additive solutions

Lucas Oil details its additive solutions

Lucas Oil’s additive solutions can help operators avoid mechanical solutions and extend the lifespan of components.

In addition to supplying spare parts to workshops, independent CV parts distributors can sometimes be asked to recommend solutions for daily running problems. While a system failure may require a solution that involves component replacement, running issues can be addressed more simply.

“Additives can provide short- and longterm solutions,” says Dan Morgan, sales and operations director at Lucas Oil Products. “Good examples are squealing power steering systems or a transmission that doesn’t seem to be running smoothly. We point out that additives can help to settle down problems quite quickly.”

Moreover, the benefits include extending the life of the component, which reduces waste, makes a positive impact on the operator’s carbon footprint and boosts its green credentials from an environmental perspective.

Transmission Fix is Lucas Oil’s fast and inexpensive solution for transmission problems. As well as sealing leaks and lubricating sticking bands, it helps to stop slipping and extends the life of the transmission fluid.

Stop squealing

Power Steering Stop Leak is the additive manufacturer’s solution for a range of steering rack issues. As well as repairing leaks, it reduces slack, and eliminates squeals and hard spots on worn rack and pinions.

Workshop solutions that are achieved without having to strip a system down provide operators with several key benefits:

“Wherever additives provide the solution, there is no vehicle downtime. Vehicle utilisation levels remain high and more time becomes available for maintenance on other vehicles in the fleet,” Dan comments.

Consequently, the engineers at the fleet operators are increasingly keen to learn more about the additive possibilities. This is particularly the case with respect to preventive maintenance.

Few engine operating environments are the cause of more wear and attrition than drag racing. The surge in power required to pull from a standing start to speeds of over 200mph inside a few hundred yards makes significant demands on the engine, but trackside experience has proved the value of additives such as Heavy Duty Engine Stabilizer in preventing wear. These operating conditions may sound far removed from those experienced by the average truck fleet, but this additive was originally developed by the Lucas Oil founder Forrest Lucas to protect the engines in his own distribution truck engines.

Essentially, most engine damage takes place after a vehicle standing period that has allowed the oil to drain down into the sump. Internal components that are left without lubricant protection are exposed to increased wear and potential damage immediately after the re-start. The additive acts as both an engine oil fortifying agent, a defender of components against the dry start, whilst also extending the operating life of the engine oil.

The expansion and extension of low emission zones in UK urban areas ensures that emissions control and fuel efficiency are always foremost in the minds of the transport manager and the fleet engineer. The independent CV distributor has tools that can help them deliver the goods with fewer fears about incurring penalties.

An increase in fuel consumption can mean injector problems created by the build-up of tars and resins that are present as lacquers, which are impurities in the fuel. If left behind, they coat the injectors and prevent a clean burn.

Dan continues, “Our Upper Cylinder Lubricant has become a first call for restoring pulling power and increasing fuel efficiency because of its reputation for flushing away these deposits and lacquers that build up and will eventually clog the injectors. Improving the burn helps to reduce harmful emissions, so UCL has also become a popular additive that’s used ahead of MOT tests. It’s a true cost saver when it helps a borderline case pass the annual test.”

Power take-off systems drive many more systems on road vehicles these days, especially by operators with customers in construction, agriculture or off-highway industries. Preventive maintenance is always better than cure, so any hydraulic fluid that drives a power take-off system could see a major benefit from a 10% charge from a product called Hydraulic Oil Booster and Stop Leak.

For more about the Lucas Oil additive range, click here.

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