MAHA UK supports Renault Truck Commercials

MAHA UK supports Renault Truck Commercials

MAHA UK supports Renault Truck Commercials with the installation of an ATF lane at the dealer’s new Felixstowe site.

In March, Renault Truck Commercials (RTC) officially launched its brand new authorised test facility (ATF) in Felixstowe. The one-and-a-half-acre site only opened in December 2021, and it wasted no time in bringing MAHA UK in to support the new installation, along with moving and upgrading the existing brake testing equipment from its previous site.

Justin Burrows, RTC Head of Aftersales East, was only too pleased to offer MAHA UK Sales Manager, Nick Austin, the opportunity to see the freshly painted ATF lane in person. The ATF features MAHA UK’s LMS 20.0 axle play tester and DVSA specification MBT 7250 EUROSYSTEM brake tester for HGV, PSV, along with Classes 4 and 7.

The axle play tester LMS 20.0 identifies the defects and wear of steering parts, wheel bearings, shock absorbers and suspension by lateral and longitudinal movement of the test plates in opposite directions.

MAHA Renault Truck Commercials

Meanwhile, the test-lane compatible MBT 7250 EUROSYSTEM is designed to brake test trucks with axle loads of up to 18t. It is ideal for diagnostics in situations where workshops, dealers and fleets are servicing, repairing or testing large quantities of vehicles in quick time. Its large sensor roller, with a diameter of 100mm, guarantees measurable coverage across each of the tyre’s dimensions.

Justin was also on-hand to answer some questions surrounding the installation and RTC’s partnership with MAHA UK:

Q. How did the MAHA UK and RTC relationship begin?

Justin Burrows (JB): “MAHA UK was chosen to become a supplier because the local sales and service team offered a customer-focused approach when dealing with our previous brake roller testers.”


JB: “The quality of the roller brake testers and aftersales support is what stood out most; in particular, if we have any issues with our test facilities, MAHA UK will find a solution and offer, where possible, sameday service for breakdowns.”

Q. Can you summarise the importance of MAHA UK Sales Manager, Nick Austin’s role?

JB: “Nick is a highly experienced workshop equipment sales manager. He has offered technical support and advice on many aspects of the RTC Felixstowe project to ensure compliance to the correct DVSA standards and value for money in terms of equipment.

“Nick worked closely with our contractors to ensure everything went smoothly and the completion dates were met.”

MAHA Renault Truck Commercials

Q. How will the MOT lane, once approved by the DVSA, alter the dynamic of the business?

JB: “This new MOT facility provides RTC Felixstowe the opportunity to offer our customers on-site MOT testing, which will support business efficiencies, flexibility and reduce carbon usage travelling to other test facilities.”

Q. Do you have any future plans that might include MAHA UK?

JB: “When investing in workshop MOT equipment, MAHA UK is a great partner to work with and we would contact Nick to discuss our requirements.”

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

JB: “In relation to the project in Felixstowe, MAHA UK’s sales and installation teams offered a great service, including moving and upgrading some of our original brake testing equipment to the new facility. I would like to thank the MAHA UK team for the great service it provides Renault Truck Commercials.”

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