Autotech Training rolls out EV training

Autotech Training rolls out EV training

With commercial fleets set to play an important role in the electrification of UK transport, Autotech Training is rolling out EV training for companies with electric fleets.

Come 2025, the UK fleet vehicle industry will account for 75% of all electric cars on the road. However, a major knowledge gap surrounding EVs and a lack of basic training is set to thwart employee usage. To help bridge this gap, Autotech Training, the training division of Autotech Group, is now delivering Levels 2-4 IMI, Electric Vehicle training to all employees within any organisation which is electrifying its fleet.

In the bid to decarbonise road transport, drivers are expected to make the switch to cleaner, greener vehicles, with local authorities, emergency services and company fleets expected to set the standard for this electric revolution. While many organisations are making the switch to electric and hybrid, the lack of employee training could render fleet electrification a ‘tick box’ exercise.

The high voltage nature of EVs introduces safety considerations and hazards. All employees that come into contact with electric and hybrid fleet cars during their day-to-day duties require training, enabling them to work alongside and operate them safely. In accordance with the Electricity at Work regulations, enforced by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), all employers have a responsibility to ensure that employees are adequately trained – otherwise they may find themselves liable.

Autotech Group is the UK’s largest employment and training solutions provider for the automotive aftermarket.

Within its Milton Keynes headquarters, the company’s dedicated Autotech Training division offers IMI certified electric/hybrid training up to Level 4 from its EV Training Suite which features an electric car for hands-on learning.

Autotech Training also delivers all levels of its EV Training on the premises of any garage or business. This not only enables employers to keep travel expenses down but keeps downtime to an absolute minimum. Highly experienced trainers deliver the courses and bring an electric vehicle to enable candidates to put the theory into practice.

“It is vital that employees, whether they will drive an electric fleet vehicle or not, receive training to ensure they can safely work alongside EVs,” says Mandla Ndhlovu, Head of Autotech Training. “We offer on-site training, with an actual electric vehicle, to not only provide awareness, but the hands-on approach helps to demystify electric vehicles which is a major bottleneck in uptake.”

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