MAHA outlines benefits of its 4250 EuroSystem

MAHA outlines benefits of its 4250 EuroSystem

Nick Austin, MAHA UK Sales Manager, outlines the benefits of the 4250 EuroSystem brake tester and why its adaptability may be exactly what workshops are looking for.

Perfect for the light commercial vehicle market, MAHA UK’s MBT 4250 EuroSystem, unlike its 2250 model, is specifically designed for brake testing vehicles with loads of up to 13 tonnes per axle. What’s more, it has been approved to be used in automated test lane stations, making it suitable for MOT testing on lorry-based camper vehicles, which are tested under the class four criteria.

MAHA UK Sales Manager, Nick Austin, comments: “Unlike the smaller spec machines found in an MOT station, the MBT 4250 has the strength and robust design to allow for heavier testing, whilst reducing the risk of excessive wear and tear, and in some cases, damage.

“Furthermore, its ability to test all commercial vehicles makes it an affordable machine for completing periodical maintenance inspections, which are becoming more frequent, and are significant parts of an operator’s licence.”


MAHA UK is aware some customers prefer to have their brake tester installed in an outside environment – the 4250, with its split design, is more than capable of standing up to the task, so long as the operating cabinet is stationed in a waterproof location.

MAHA 4250 EuroSystem

It is also available with different roller coatings, including steel-welded rollers, which prevent damage to the roller surface in harsh settings, such as unconcreted areas or yards that are surfaced with road planes or gravel.

EuroSystem compatible

The MBT 4250 and EuroSystem come hand-in- hand; it comes as standard on all MAHA brake testers and is one of the company’s unique selling points. Easy to use and simple-to-understand graphics on screen, capable of being used on several workstations – thus, increasing efficiency – and can configure a test report, with all the measurement and evaluation results of the tests performed onto one single print-out: EuroSystem transforms MAHA UK’s brake testers into futureproof workshop platforms.

Nick concludes: “The MAHA UK MBT 4250 EuroSystem is a strong contender in both the class four, five, and seven MOT markets, as well as the light and heavy commercial vehicle markets, especially for those wanting flexibility in working in different environments.

For more information on the MAHA MBT 4250, click here.

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