asTech details its digital ADAS calibration system

asTech details its digital ADAS calibration system

asTech discusses how digital ADAS calibration systems reduce key-to-key times on LCVs and save businesses money by reducing the time vans are off the road.

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) are the work horses for multiple trades and industries, so keeping them on the road as much as possible is an imperative for any fleet manager. With the risk of accidents around any corner, the technology in LCVs has evolved and advanced significantly in recent years, with all new models now equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that help mitigate the risk of collisions.

In the lessened likelihood of a collision, the ADAS systems need to be recalibrated to ensure the vehicle returns to the road safely, which can lead to an increase in key-to-key times as the LCV would usually need to be booked into a dealership to get the work done. On average, this can add three days to the job. This is less than ideal for businesses because they want as little downtime as possible, as time spent off the road leads to a reduction in revenue that cannot be recouped when the vehicle is back on the road.

This is where digital ADAS calibration systems, such as asTech’s offering, come into play. The comprehensive remote service is based on the asTech device that performs the functions required by today’s bodyshops and service centres, supported by a fully dealer trained remote asTech technician.

To reduce key-to-key times, it leverages easy-to-use OEM scanning tools to provide full vehicle scans, clearing of fault codes and calibrations on sensors, lidars and radars. The OEM tools guarantee that every fault code is recorded within the full scan and is managed, and the calibrations are completed aligned with OEM standards and requirements 100% of the time.


A full report is then signed by the remote asTech technician and sent on completion of the job to show exactly what has been carried out. So, if there are any issues down the line there is a record of what has been performed, aligning with the repairer’s Duty of Care liability, and safeguarding the business’s reputation.

All technicians need to do is to connect the device to the OBD2 port on the vehicle and then log in to the asTech Global mobile app, available in both iOS and Android. This then leads to an assigned asTech technician who guides the user through the set-up position required for the calibrations using target boards to ensure they have the right distance and height from the vehicle. Once the device is plugged in, the remote asTech technician working on the vehicle links it to the relevant OE tool and completes the required service.

Recognising that digital ADAS calibration systems are here to stay, the opportunity for repairers is to increase efficiency and reduce key-to-key times by not moving the vehicle to a main dealer, while also saving them money.

For more information on asTech and its digital ADAS calibration systems, click here.

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