Sealey discusses how its tools can aid LCV repairs

Sealey discusses how its tools can aid LCV repairs

Ensuring you have the right tools for the job when tackling maintenance and repair on an LCV is of paramount importance. Sealey discusses how it can help.

In these unprecedented times, when delivery companies have seen a drastic increase in demand, it has never been more vital to keep our nation’s supply chains running smoothly. Sealey is proud to be a part of the infrastructure providing critical service tools to ensure vehicles are well-maintained and kept in operation.

Sealey invests heavily in developing the latest vehicle service tools to meet issues relating to modern vehicles, ensuring they are at the forefront of bringing innovative products to market. Any tool or piece of equipment that cuts down on vehicle repair time is a great benefit for not only the workshop, but also for the vehicle operator, ensuring they can get back out on the road as swiftly as possible.

The CV040 Hydraulic Bush Tool, a recent addition to Sealey’s extensive range of suspension tools, is specifically designed for the installation and removal of slotted bushes on commercial spring suspension. This type of bush differs to conventional bushes because they are compressed before installation, creating a very tight fit once in position.


This compounds any extra corrosion resistance when removal is required, presenting the vehicle technician with two problems. Firstly, removing the old bush in a safe and controlled manner, and secondly, compressing the outside diameter of the bush to enable installation into the suspension spring.

Even with the suspension spring removed from the vehicle, the new bush will still need to be protected from parallel working tensions during fitting to prevent damage to the bush. This means compressing the outside diameter before attempting to fit it into the spring.

Bases covered

A specialist tool, like the CV040, is required to cope with the amount of force required to remove the old bush, and then compress the new bush before fitment into the spring. Sealey’s bush tool includes a 12-tonne hydraulic cylinder for use with a hydraulic pump (Model No’s; RE83/840/CWH or RE97.10-01, available separately) and a variety of adaptors to ensure that any type of split bush found on this type of application can be removed and replaced with ease.


Another time-saving suspension tool, the VS3814 Hydraulic/Manual Ball Joint Splitter with interchangeable jaws, enables the operator to select the correct jaw size without taking the entire splitter to the vehicle. This versatile tool can be used manually or with the 12-tonne hydraulic ram supplied.

Brake service tools are also an area of significant development for Sealey, including the VS932 Air Brake Test Gauge Set which enables the operator to efficiently locate problems relating to commercial vehicle air brake pressure. The three gauges provide more accurate diagnosis when testing and locating faults along the braking system and the gauge is suitable for use at the roadside or in the workshop.

The CV212 Brake Caliper Slogging Wrench Set, conveniently includes a laser-etched formula to assist in calculating the correct tightening torque figure, taking into account the length of the wrench.

Caliper mounting bolts are tightened to very high torque figures, so these tools are designed with a 3/4″Sq drive and two striking faces to loosen even the toughest of bolts.

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