Moving with the Times

Moving with the Times

CVW investigates the reasons behind Johnson Controls’ VARTA AGM battery release.

What has changed in CV application within the last decade?

  • Increased number of loads and auxiliary devices (telematics, mobile phones, portable video player, tablets, etc.)
  • Parking coolers are increasingly common – high energy drain
  • Today, standard overnight function needs up to 50% Depth of Discharge per night
  • Mean number of nights spent in truck per week: two (2005) vs four (2015) vs five plus (2018)
  • Increased number of trucks with end-of-frame mounting systems – high vibration impact
  • Stringent environmental guidelines (CO2 emissions)

More consumers

Vehicle technology is developing at a fast pace. For trucks alone, the number of electrical components and accessory equipment has increased drastically. In the past, there was not much more than the ignition, the lighting, and the coffee machine. These days, batteries have to supply a large number of electrical components, even when stationary. As a result of developments in vehicle technology, demands have greatly increased – from trucks and buses to construction vehicles.

Higher demands

A truck battery uses the most energy in the hotel function – up to 50% of its total capacity. Did you know that truck drivers spend up to five nights per week in their trucks? Truck drivers now live in their vehicles. With unsuitable and obsolete batteries, the high power consumption in the hotel function can cause unwelcome and expensive downtime.

More end-of-frame installation

The current trend toward end-of-frame installation puts greater demand on batteries, and only the most vibration-resistant batteries can withstand the shocks. Tests show that five out of six selected batteries are not
sufficiently vibration-resistant.

Stricter CO2 and safety regulations

However, batteries must do more than simply withstand the challenges on the road. They must also comply with more stringent CO2 and safety regulations, both today and in the future. This is an important success factor for fleets because only the latest battery technology is able to comply with the increasingly strict standards in the medium term.

More and more trucks

The number of trucks continues to grow, and with it the transport mileage. Batteries have to keep pace with this. Therefore, it is more important than ever that battery performance grows with the requirements.

To adapt to these changes in the CV sector, VARTA is launching the VARTA ProMotive AGM truck battery next spring – the first original truck AGM battery, developed in collaboration with the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. Its features include:

■ Absorbent glass mats ruling out the possibility of battery failures due to acid stratification
■ Exceptional vibration resistance
■ Supports modern fuel-saving functions like start-stop
■ Delivers reliable performance at even a low state of charge.

The VARTA ProMotive AGM, will join the already available VARTA ProMotive EFB, the ideal solution for high power demands and up to 40% longer life than conventional commercial vehicle batteries.

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