Updates Available

Updates Available

Actia explains how new updates to its Multi-MUX diagnostic tool, including a number of additional bolt-ons, can reduce a vehicle’s time in the workshop.

What is Actia?

Actia (UK) is part of the Actia group, a global network of companies specialising in vehicle electronics and diagnostics solutions to OEMs and operators across the globe. The company is the leading supplier of multiplexed electrical systems to UK bus and coach manufactures, as well as one of the few global suppliers for diagnostic tester and software development tools.

Actia’s diagnostic tools provide solutions to meet the many needs and requirements of multi-make workshops. By offering two-way communication with the vehicle from an embedded system level, technicians receive a fast diagnosis of performance and faults, thereby providing a thorough maintenance and preventative solution.


With its focus on UK manufactured buses and coaches, Multi-MUX is a powerful tool that offers diagnostic access to the next generation Acti-MUX (to a range of multiplex electrical systems) electrical system. In turn, this enables the tool to identify stored faults, view and control I/O status, adjust parameters, and download, configure and view the network layout, helping reduce downtime and get vehicles back on the road faster.

Recent Multi-MUX developments include the ability to obtain system software updates direct from the OEM via the internet and Cloud-based downloads.

In fact, when Multi-MUX is connected to the internet, a simple click of the ‘download update’ button on the interface’s home screen scans the Cloud for recent updates and downloads any that are ready for installation when next connected to the appropriate vehicle. This allows the operators to confirm their fleet is running on the latest software during the routine service schedule.

Developments to Multi-MUX also include the J1939 Scan-Tool, which allows new access to real-time sensor data and diagnostic trouble codes. The Multi-MUX diagnostic tool supports a significant range of vehicles and systems, including Optare and ADL Euro 6 vehicles running the Acti-MUX system, Cummins Engines via Cummins Insight, and Voith Transmissions via Voith Diag. Through a single communications interface and a suitable laptop or tablet PC, Multi-MUX links with the vehicle’s major systems and removes the need for several ECU interfaces.

Applying Actia’s wide experience of diagnostic software and hardware, the company also offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic bolt-ons to cover numerous vehicle OEMs, for systems such as Acti-MUX, MultiBUS, Kibes, Aladin, Cummins and Voith. All the above bolt-ons are available through or alongside Multi-MUX, providing rapid diagnostics of the vehicle’s major systems via a single communications interface and a suitable laptop or tablet PC. This solution helps reduce costs and bring all diagnostic tools into one low-cost, easy-to-use package.

The Multi-MUX range is an annually renewable product with the flexibility to add or remove bolt-ons as required.

For more information on Actia’s Multi-MUX range, click here.

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