Tech Tips – Loosening a Corroded Steering Bolt

Tech Tips – Loosening a Corroded Steering Bolt

CVW gets the lowdown on a safe, fast way to loosen a rusted or corroded steering bolt with induction heat.

Removing rusted, corroded, or locked steering bolt is often a lengthy, difficult and frustrating task – especially if using a ratchet wrench. It usually requires the application of penetrating fluid, or blasting the area with a torch.

However, help is at hand, courtesy of The Mini-Ductor 110V CE (MD 700CE) handheld induction heating tool, which heats metal parts in seconds with invisible heat, providing a safer, quicker and less damaging alternative to naked flame heating. In addition, the user doesn’t have to run the risk of using a torch, which could damage the CV joint, rubber grommets, or the rotor.

The Mini-Ductor 110V CE coils come in different diameters to suit different nut sizes and the Bearing Buddy flexible, heat resistant coil is well suited to this application.

Equipment required: Heat resistant gloves, overalls, goggles and a respirator mask (if smoke will be produced from heating).

Power required: Needs a 110V plug power source or 110V converter to operate.

Step 1: Clean area with wire brush and remove dirt and grease.


Step 2: Wrap with Bearing Buddy Coil

Step 3: Attach the Mini-Ductor II +

Step 4: Heat the Bearing Buddy Coil

Step 5: Remove the Bearing Buddy Coil

Step 6: Select tool for loosening the bolt.

Step 7: The bolt is loosened easily.

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