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Avant Guard

Rock Oil explains how its technical data sheets and after-sales support benefits customers purchasing its new commercial lubricant products.

Rock Oil says its prowess in both the heavy duty diesel and light commercial sector has been built on the back of many years’ experience developing products across a number of industries. Its latest commercial lubricant ranges, TRUCK-GUARD and VAN-GUARD are said to offer bespoke solutions for the Heavy Duty Diesel (HDD) market and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) markets respectively. One in ten vehicles on the road are LCVs, with the majority carrying an average payload in excess of 200kg.

It is widely accepted that stop/start, urban driving conditions are the most arduous on road going vehicles, including the oils used to lubricate them. Rather than use an automotive or HDD lubricant, Rock Oil says it has produced a range of lubricants designed to cater for such hard working vehicles.

Backing up this focused LCV range is said to be a more conventional HDD range, TRUCK-GUARD. Both ranges claim to meet and exceed the latest OEM specification requirements, but crucially offer what the
company calls a ‘performance reserve’.

This, in simple terms, means the products are blended to be better than required to meet relevant specifications. The performance gains are said ensure not only will the vehicle in question perform as expected when meeting a specification, but there will be further benefits in economy, component life and less downtime.

Technical data sheets

According to the company, one of the keys to the success of the commercial ranges is its comprehensive technical data documentation. Available in both digital and hard copy, these documents not only have the required technical data and associated specification information, but also claim to highlight the technical advantages and benefits associated with using the products.

Both ranges also have suitability guides to further assist users in product selection to ensure the correct grade is selected. In terms of the packs themselves, each TRUCKGUARD and VAN-GUARD product has a unique QR code which will take customers directly to the supporting technical data on the Rock Oil website.

In the post Brexit landscape, Rock Oil believes the combination of British manufactured technical products at a great price with high quality support is key. The company says it offers an expansive range of lubricants along with constant development work to continually bring new and exciting products to the consumer.

90 years of Rock Oil

Rock Oil says 2018 is destined to be one of the biggest years in its history as the company celebrates 90 years in business. It is less than 12 months since it moved into its new multi-million pound facility, which it claims houses one of the finest lubricant laboratories in the UK. This significant investment is crucial to maintain growth and to ensure the business is able to deliver innovative products to its customers across the globe. Further works are planned, with the production and warehouse capacity set to be expanded at its Cheshire base.


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