Bosch explains benefits of its eXchange products

Bosch explains benefits of its eXchange products

With a focus on the circular economy, Bosch explains how workshops can benefit from the regenerative cycle of its eXchange products.

The Bosch eXchange programme for starters and alternators is and remains an optimal solution for value-based vehicle repairs. Although some market players have been reducing their involvement with remanufacturing, Bosch focuses even more on Bosch eXchange to offer commercial vehicle workshops the associated benefits.

These benefits include the extensive exchange programme of starters and alternators from various manufacturers that is continually being updated and further developed to meet the needs of workshops and their customers. It includes a high proportion of remanufactured products and can be supplemented with new products if necessary to ensure a high degree of market coverage and supply availability.

The eXchange products are treated according to the same standards as original parts and have to pass stringent functional and quality tests. This ensures high quality and reliability at lower prices while still providing the same warranty as in the new parts programme.

Featuring a price advantage of up to 30% in comparison with comparable products from new parts programmes, workshops can thus offer their customers attractive repair solutions based on the current vehicle value.

The exchange programme is also a real alternative in terms of protecting the environment and climate. By remanufacturing starters and alternators, Bosch saved around 2,700 tonnes of different metals in 2019. This translates into a CO2 equivalent (CO2e) of approximately 7,400 tonnes. This amount approximately would have been emitted by producing new metal parts from scratch. It would take an entire forest of around 590,000 beech trees to absorb the CO2e.

Bosch is convinced of the quality of its products, because continuous improvements to products and processes are an important part of its philosophy. The company passes on this confidence to customers in the form of a warranty extension for starters and alternators from two to three years – for more security in the case of repairs

Effective from 1st June 2021, the new warranty period covers Newman, Bosch eXchange (BX), and starter and alternator spares parts programmes. Additionally, the new warranty period is retrospectively applied to products installed in a vehicle during the last three years.

Bosch has more than 100 years’ experience with starters and alternators. The first Bosch alternator was produced in 1913, a year later the first starter was launched onto the market. Bosch’s comprehensive product portfolio for starters and alternators also contains units for use with innovative technologies, such as start/stop and highly efficient alternators with an efficiency of up to 80%.

This makes them suitable for a variety of commercial vehicles and off-highway applications. The range is constantly being updated and expanded to meet market requirements. The production of starters and alternators for the aftermarket is subject to the same stringent quality guidelines as the production of original equipment.

The whole production process is controlled meticulously – from start to finish. Even the final functional and quality tests also meet the same standards applied to original equipment. As a result, each and every part features 100% Bosch quality.

For more information on the Bosch eXchange programme for starters and alternators, click here.

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