Combatting DPF Downtime

Combatting DPF Downtime

CVW caught up with Darren Darling, founder of the DPF Doctor Network, to talk about the new JLM Lubricants HD DPF Cleaner.

Q Firstly, what is the DPF Doctor Network?

Darren Darling (DD): I saw a gap in the market for a specialist network of technicians who are able to correctly diagnose the reason for DPF problems and carry out repairs. We hold regular training events to share knowledge and keep up to speed with new technology and diagnostic techniques. We offer an in-situ DPF cleaning and diagnostics service to the trade, including those working on CV applications. The network is growing rapidly.

Q As a mechanic specialising in DPFs, what is the need for this product with commercial vehicles?

DD: Commercial vehicles face the same issues with DPF filters as cars but with the added problems of vehicle downtime whilst being repaired. City vehicles such as refuse trucks, road sweepers and delivery lorries are especially vulnerable as regeneration is unlikely to be successful due to the driving conditions.

Using this product regularly to clean the DPF while the vehicle is in use will dramatically reduce downtime.

Q Why do you recommend the JLM product in particular?

DD: It contains a high concentration of Cerium and Platinum which, in our experience, allows regeneration to take place at a much lower temperature in a much shorter time. It’s also safer, too. The advantage of cleaning at a lower temperature is that it’s more effective in commercial vehicles used for city runs, without the risk of damaging the DPF at an excessively high temperature.

It’s been designed for heavy duty vehicles – including heavy plant and agricultural vehicles – where the exhaust system incorporates a DPF unit. After visiting JLM’s plant in Holland and meeting the founder, Gilbert Groot, I realised the brand shares my obsession with quality.

Q What is the sign of a faulty DPF?

DD: The vehicle will experience a lack of power and the engine will usually go into restricted  perform ance mode. This means an unplanned visit to the workshop where it is often outsourced to a specialist company.

Q What are the costs involved with a faulty DPF?

DD: I spoke to a fleet operator a few weeks ago. One of his trucks was off the road with a faulty DPF, losing £1,000 every day in downtime. He had been quoted £300-500 to send the DPF away for cleaning with an average three-day turnaround.

If the DPF was beyond repair he was looking at £5,000. DPFs damaged beyond repair have usually been left unchecked or have had poor quality cleaning additives being used on them, causing excessive heat. It makes sound commercial sense to use the JLM HD DPF cleaner. It keeps the DPF in top condition and reduces workshop repair costs.

Q How easy is it to use?

DD: One bottle treats up to 170 litres of diesel. I add more if needed. There’s no limit as to the size of vehicle, machine or generator it can be used on. It can be used by anyone as it is a ‘pour-in’ product
added to the fuel tank.

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