Easy as EFB
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Easy as EFB

Easy as EFB

Selling globally into over 50 countries, Monbat batteries match many OE approvals. The company manufactures the three main battery technologies – a heavy duty engine starter battery, enhanced flooded battery (EFB) and absorbent glass mat (AGM). The UK distributor for Monbat, EasyStart Batteries, gives a rundown of the latest EFB range available from the manufacturer.

New technology for new times

After years of research and development, Monbat’s latest product is the commercial vehicle range of Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB).

The EFB range is perfectly suited for heavy duty commercial vehicles which require deep-cycling characteristics. These sealed, maintenance-free, Enhanced Flooded Batteries are constructed with casted grid technology, which offers a high cycling performance. This provides a reliable energy supply during extended periods where the engine is off – a requirement that is becoming increasingly important for trucks travelling long distances.

A polyester scrim is applied to the positive plate and a glass fleece separator is included to reduce plate erosion. This increases the lifecycle of the battery as the active material is held in place, keeping the plates active for longer.

The EFB range has a V3 vibration resistance rating, which gives technicians peace of mind that the battery will continue to perform to its optimum under severe road conditions. Each battery has inserts along the inside to provide stabilisation for the plate bridges, whilst the plates themselves are fixed with a hot melt resin on the top and bottom to add further strength and stability. These features mean Monbat’s EFB batteries are ideally suited to an end-of-frame installation.

The battery casing is fitted with a specially designed acid circulation system, which uses the natural movement of the vehicle to keep the acid in constant circulation, meaning that on uneven surfaces, the battery will continue to operate as normal. The totally sealed construction means the battery design encompasses a labyrinth lid, which allows any vapour to condense and circulate back into the battery, thus giving a water consumption loss rating of W4.

Why use Monbat EFBs?

The modern commercial vehicle is not just a transport vehicle, but also a home for the driver while on the road. Often vehicles are away for a week at a time, if not longer, and batteries are consequently under more stress now than ever before.

Many vehicles are fitted with all the modern amenities a driver could possibly require; television, phone and tablet charger, night heaters, fridge, kettle, and that’s not to mention all the modern equipment the vehicle uses for its day-today operation.

Monbat’s new EFB range has been developed to withstand all the strains that modern commercial vehicles can put on the battery, both in transit and at standstill.

Monbat’s confidence in the EFB range is evident, as the batteries come with a two-year unconditional warranty when fitted to the correct vehicle. Any batteries that come back under a suspected manufacturer’s warranty will be returned to the factory in Bulgaria for a full inspection.


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