Going Online

Going Online

TotalKare takes ‘mobile lift’ training online to boost health and safety practices and reduce staff downtime.

New technology is set to help the commercial vehicle and bus and coach sectors improve the safety of their workers. TotalKare launched its online training platform for mobile lifts in August and is already looking to train 5,000 candidates over the next 12 months.

The company, based in the Black Country, has spent 18 months developing the smart phone/tablet-based programme, which will give individuals the chance to complete two core modules (rules and regulations and safe use of ancillary equipment), before adding on an instructional unit on how to use the lifts in their workshop.

Feedback from 20 initial industry users has been very impressive, with many citing the flexibility of the course and a reduction in downtime caused by staff no longer being away from core roles.

Tristan Johnston, Systems and Project Manager, explained: “TotalKare has always been about much more than just selling products and, for a long time, we have been delivering CPD accredited training in mobile lifts with the view to raising standards and cutting out accidents.

“Over 300 candidates have been through our traditional course that lasted half a day. The content was heavily praised, but we knew there was resistance from firms based around the fact they lost workers for a period of time, and this caused staffing issues with getting jobs completed.”

He continued: “The issue of safety is not

going away, so we had to come up with an alternative, and we believe our online platform will do just that. Candidates can complete one module at a time, leave it for a bit, and then go back another day; they can even do it in their own time if they wish.”

TotalKare has invested over £50,000 into the development of the technology, which covers two core modules and up to seven additional ones to reflect the amount of different lifts there are currently in operation in the UK.

The course takes about one hour and 40 minutes to complete, with each section featuring a video and then a series of questions to answer. A lead person at each company will submit the learner’s details to the system and will then have access to real-time data on how the individual is progressing. Some of the areas covered include legislation, pre-use safety checks, lift controls, floor stability, floor obstructions, height clearance and ancillary equipment. Once successfully passed, the candidate will receive a driving licence-style card that lasts for three years and informs employers they are competent to work on mobile lifts.

“Health and Safety is the primary course for this online training programme, but there are also lots of other benefits to the company,” added Tristan.

“This ranges from having a motivated member of staff, to one that operates the lift in the right way, reducing unnecessary ‘wear and tear’ and prolonging its life. It’s a win-win for firms in the bus and coach and commercial vehicle sectors. There are already plans in place to introduce a similar online training course for two and four fixed post lifts.”


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