Going The Extra Mile

Going The Extra Mile

Platinum International explains the benefits to operators and workshops when using the Mobil Delvac range of commercial vehicle lubricants.

Running a commercial vehicle fleet is a constant challenge with growing competition, margins being squeezed, the introduction of more complex regulations and trying to keep up with the latest technological advances.

To stay on track and ahead of the competition, your fleet must perform at its optimal capacity and a major contributing factor in this is commercial vehicle lubricants. Taking care of your heavy duty vehicles will improve the efficiency of a fleet, and improve the reputation of your business.

It is vital that oil change intervals are kept on top of, but more importantly, consider the type of oil used. Mobil Delvac high-performing lubricants, for instance, can help reduce fuel costs. Switching from a mineral engine oil to a low viscosity, fully synthetic alternative has many benefits. Whether you’re hauling trailers in summer heat or moving supplies during the depths of winter, synthetic lubricants provide excellent protection all year round.

Engine protection

The reliability, performance and lifetime of your vehicle’s driveline ultimately depends on an extremely thin lubricant film that separates moving parts and reduces friction. Synthetic base stocks help to provide an effective oil film across a wider temperature range.

Selecting the right Mobil Delvac synthetic engine oil will, therefore, help to protect your engine from the harmful effects of contaminants. The correct combination of these attributes enables Mobil Delvac technology to help extend the life of heavy duty equipment.

Fuel economy

Fuel represents a large proportion of commercial vehicles’ operating costs. When used in combination with synthetic gear oils and greases or used separately, Mobil Delvac synthetic engine oils have the potential to offer fuel economy advantages versus conventional lubricants.

Extended drain potential

Synthetic lubricants are also more stable at high temperatures. That means they have better resistance to thermal degradation that can lead to performance sapping sludge, deposit build-up and viscosity breakdown. This offers longer drain performance, saving operators time and money.

Emission systems protection

Synthetic engine oils are designed to lubricate and protect modern, low-emission engine designs. These designs often include low oil-consumption rates, use of Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Selective Catalytic Reduction and sometimes Diesel Particulate Filters.

Mobil Delvac lubricants have a higher viscosity index, which translates to a more stable viscosity across a broad temperature range. This benefits users by providing excellent low temperature performance and lubricant thinning resistance at elevated temperatures.

As well as great viscosity stability, these lubricants use high performance additives in combination with synthetic base oils to provide fantastic wear control, minimising top-ups between oil drain intervals, via minimal oil consumption.



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