Hella outlines LED Luminator solution

Hella outlines LED Luminator solution

Ensuring good visibility in all conditions is of paramount importance for commercial vehicles, so Hella talks through its LED Luminator solution.

The demand on commercial vehicle lighting is high, especially when it comes to road safety and ensuring the best visibility in every situation. Hella’s LED Luminator enables halogen bulbs to be upgraded to LED, maximising lighting output.

Depending on the vehicle, changing bulbs can be a lengthy process for technicians; however, with the arrival of the LED Luminator, its halogen predecessors can be easily converted to incorporate LED technology thanks to a suitable insert. It takes between 15-20 minutes to fit, and the process itself is simple:

  1. Loosen the four screws from the lens-retaining rim and remove the rim
  2. Remove the halogen insert from the housing and loosen the cable plug connections
  3. Connect the cabling from the new LED insert with the existing wiring using the enclosed crimp connectors (in accordance with the included mounting instructions)
  4. Place the LED insert in the housing and replace the lens-retaining rim
  5. Finally, tighten the four securing screws

Along with fitting, technicians are now expected to offer advice to customers about the best solution for their vehicle. Therefore, it’s advised that technicians understand as much about the products they fit as possible.

Hella outlines LED Luminator solution

The LED Luminator is available in black or silver, and it features EdgeLight technology, giving the LED position light a more striking appearance. The quality of the illumination provided by its LED light source provides huge advantages, as it is similar to daylight, therefore contributing to creating safer operating conditions and fatigue-free driving. Furthermore, the instantaneous high-beam light signal enables drivers to flash their lights clearly and effectively.

To ensure the unit is vibration resistant even under extreme conditions, the LED Luminator’s housing and fixing bracket are manufactured using a zinc diecasting process, which is proven to enhance day-to-day durability.

In order to guarantee that the light’s LEDs function at an optimum operating temperature, a horizontal cooling strip with an area of 230cmÇ has been integrated into the design. It has been tested according to ECE regulations (ECE R112 high beam, ECE R7 position light, ECE R10 EMC).

Hella outlines LED Luminator solution

Moreover, thanks to its multi-voltage function, this auxiliary headlamp is suitable for both 12 and 24-volt rated voltage.

Senior Head of Marketing and Communications Helen Goldingay comments: “We launched the LED Luminator at the end of 2019 and it has been a tremendous success, with fleet managers particularly commenting on the reliability of the product.”

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