Kier Environmental Chooses Ident To Prevent Vehicle Theft

Kier Environmental Chooses Ident To Prevent Vehicle Theft

Services group Kier Environmental explains how two specific incidents prompted a rethink of security across its Bridgend fleet.

Head of Fleet and Plant for Kier Environmental Darren Judd is responsible for the 750 heavy vehicles operating across the country and approached Vision Techniques for a security solution, after two events that highlighted their need for safety measures.

“One of these events involved a member of the public entering a vehicle by force and trying to drive our vehicle. We needed something to safeguard staff and property from the threat of vehicle theft, but ultimately public safety was decisive reason for Ident.”

Darren required technology that isolated the ability to drive the vehicle without authorised access whilst keeping the rear machinery operational, even when the cab is unattended.

“We looked at systems that use proximity detection but if tags are left in the vehicle they circumvent the security. We found that Ident was the only security system that guarantees vehicle lockdown when the driver is away from the cab. This was the major factor in choosing this system.”

Ident uses passive RFID alongside sensors that recognise seat pressure and door position. This means users have to present the tag to the reader to allow access. Once they are off the seat for three seconds, the pressure sensor recognises the driver has left, Ident locks down the vehicle. Even if the driver leaves the tag in the vehicle, it would still be immobilised. This means Ident will prevent anyone attempting to start the ignition or release the handbrake, without the RFID tag.

“Ident co-insides with recent national events and was important to our business moving forward. The key was reducing road risk for staff and for public road users. Taking away the risk of opportunists is a critical safety feature.”

Darren explained how this risk was multiplied by the worst case scenario of unauthorised use of the vehicle, which could lead to hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage, replacement vehicles, insurance claims and negative media attention. “It’s unquantifiable. But by installing Ident we can control that risk, even including the price of the system, which is very reasonable in comparison to
other safety systems.”

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