The Paper-Free Way

The Paper-Free Way

Cardiff Bus details how it has used Freeway Fleet Systems’ mobile software to reduce workshop paperwork.

Thanks to Freeway Fleet Systems, Cardiff Bus is introducing tablets to reduce paperwork and improve the management of vehicle maintenance and compliance. Freeway’s software has already been implemented in the workshop and is used to schedule maintenance work, manage defects, parts and fuel spend. The real-time mobile working will eliminate paper forms such as job cards and inspection sheets.

With a fleet of 231 buses transporting over 24 million passengers, Cardiff Bus is looking to transform maintenance by extending the use of Freeway as part of a company-wide strategy to improve efficiency with digital reporting. The operator plans to integrate Freeway with its bus operations system to provide full visibility and improve management of vehicle allocation and availability.

“The technology on vehicles is advancing quickly and Cardiff Bus has been a pioneer in the introduction of on and off-bus technology,” says Gareth Mole, Engineering Director, Cardiff Bus.

“To further improve our services we realise that the management of the fleet and maintenance in particular needs to keep pace with technical advances elsewhere. We see Freeway as the enabler to transforming that side of the business with further digitisation and the elimination of cumbersome paperwork.”

Cardiff Bus first suggested mobile data capture to Freeway’s software developers when Dave Meazey, Shift Manager, recognised the significant benefits mobile apps would provide. “It’s great to see Freeway develop the mobile apps that we always felt would be an important development for improving the accuracy and convenience of reporting,” he commented.

Freeway offers seamless working across mobile and desktop devices and can manage everything from planned maintenance and defect reporting, to stock control and purchasing, safety and compliance.

Earned Recognition tracker software

Freeway Fleet Systems has added to its software that makes it easier for operators to meet DVSA Earned
Recognition requirements by automatically alerting fleet managers to any outstanding compliance issues. The software keeps check on maintenance records, displaying colour coded alarm status if compliance data is missing. Lists are automatically generated to show all items that need to be addressed in order to meet the five Earned Recognition Key Performance Indicators.

“The Earned Recognition KPI report is only required one month retrospectively, but it’s important all the work has been done and recorded properly in the first place,” says Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway.

“Our users want to be proactive in meeting their maintenance obligations. Freeway’s immediate exception reports make this easy with instant alerts as soon as anything is amiss. With Freeway, managers don’t need to second-guess their Earned Recognition compliance.”

During the Pilot phase of the scheme, Freeway worked closely with DVSA and a variety of bus and transport operators which have, using Freeway software, already met Earned Recognition standards in order to participate in the pilot.

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