Training Day
Training Day

Training Day

Heavy duty vehicle lifting solutions supplier TotalKare talks about the recent update to its ‘Competency in Mobile Vehicle Lift’ training course.

Introduced in 2017, TotalKare’s ‘Competency in Mobile Vehicle Lift’ training course is based on rules and regulations, health and safety and a functional overview of the lifts on a customer’s site.

The company says the training, which was formerly classroom based, was very well received by the 300 engineers that completed it last year. However, it was given valuable feedback from both small and large organisations that taking a group of engineers off the shop floor at the same time was counterproductive to their operations. Despite the recognised benefits in health and safety and working practices, they simply did not have the time or resource to do this.

“This is when we decided to come up with an alternative and launch a new online training platform that will allow customers to train their engineers in their own time and avoids having them all off the shopfloor at the same time,” explained Tristan Johnston, Project and Systems Manager for TotalKare.

“Engineers can start, pause and resume the training as often as required so the whole course does not have to be completed in one sitting.”

Model-specific tutorials

The training itself provides an overview of the safe use of mobile vehicle lifts, rules, regulations and health and safety guidance, along with an explanation of the safe use of ancillary equipment associated with those lifts. In addition, model-specific tutorials enable organisations to tailor the training closer to the equipment they have on site.

If a new member of staff is employed, companies can simply add that individual to the portal to ensure consistent, competent training has taken place. The same applies if additional models of mobile column lifts are purchased. TotalKare’s online training is CPD approved and staff completing the training will receive a licence/training competency card detailing date of completion and the models of lifts they are competent in using.

This license is not tied to an organisation and can be taken to other companies as a recognisable industry
standard when demonstrating skills to a new employer.

The online training, which officially launches this month, will have to be refreshed every three years to ensure that employees are up to date with the latest rules, regulations and the use of the mobile vehicle lifts on their site.

With fines from the HSE for workshop and equipment negligence growing year-on-year, there has never been a better time to ensure your technicians are fully qualified to use your machinery.

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