Trakm8 delves into LCV technology

Trakm8 delves into LCV technology

Chris Horobwyj, Channel Sales Director at Trakm8, looks at the latest technology innovations helping LCV operators get the most out of their fleet.

The main priorities for any commercial vehicle operator are, amongst others, ensuring the safety of their drivers and maximising return on investment for their assets. After all, it’s impossible to run an effective CV offering without drivers or vehicles. But, in the face of dispersed fleets and workforce, how can CV operators make sure their vehicles are running smoothly and being driven safely – and efficiently?

Trakm8’s RH600 solution features two ultra-high-definition cameras. The detachable camera heads service to monitor the road ahead, providing concrete proof in the face of false claims or collisions, enabling commercial vehicle operators to quickly determine responsibility.

Trakm8 delves into LCV technology

In addition to this, the secondary camera can be used to monitor the driver’s behaviour in-cab. Again, this can be an invaluable tool in the result of a collision, but also enables operators to identify – and rectify – dangerous driving behaviours, such as mobile phone use and micro-sleeping (a particular concern amongst long distance CV drivers).

This rich bank of data is easily accessible, and can be live streamed or downloaded from Trakm8’s portal. It can also be used alongside the host of actionable data collected by Trakm8 technology, including driver behaviour scoring, GPS, and vehicle health.

The RH600 has been designed to work in close partnership with Trakm8’s wider software offering, including the scheduling and route optimisation technologies.

Trakm8 delves into LCV technology

Trakm8’s telematics web portal takes a holistic view of a fleet, analysing available vehicles, drivers, and even individual unit capacity, to plan the most fuel-efficient route – ultimately helping commercial vehicle operators save money. Furthermore, the system calculates these routes in just minutes, saving hours that would previously have been devoted to manual planning.

The utilisation of the RH600 solution can have a significant impact on business operations. For example, since installing the telematics cameras across its fleet of light commercial vehicles, a utility contractor has witnessed a 39% drop in accidents involving its vehicles, as well as a 35% decrease in speeding instances.

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