Unlocking Engine Potential

Unlocking Engine Potential

ECU remapping specialist Topgear Tuning explains how it can save fleets money, as well as the potential benefits of offering a remapping service to your customers.

Topgear Tuning has an in-house file writing team which supports a network of over 300 international authorised dealers with the latest range of ECU remapping equipment and software for all types of vehicles, including light and heavy commercial.

To date, the company says it has successfully produced files for over 6,000 different engines types and variations, culminating in over 20,000 remapped vehicles. With the majority of manufacturers now selling the same vehicle across multiple international markets, they have to take into consideration extremes in climate, different tax/emission regulations and diverse fuel quality.

Taking these factors into consideration, a vehicle’s ECU will likely be set from factory at a specific operating level that ensures it will perform satisfactorily, no matter where it is bought in the world. Topgear’s file writing engineers are able to safely optimise the ECU map specifically to a customer’s requirements, ensuring enhancements are gained across the performance range whilst remaining safely within the vehicles operating parameters.

Fuel savings

The company uses tailor made economy remap files to re-program fleets of commercial vehicles and vans. Typically, it’s claimed that an increase in both performance and economy can be achieved, with gains in the latter of up to 15% when combined with a simple adjustment in driving style, to exploit the extra low end torque. No matter what size fleet you run, Topgear says that choosing to remap makes sound commercial sense and can lead to huge savings in fuel costs.

Professional support

Dedicated personnel and a select number of independent authorised dealers are on hand to provide specialist support to the fleet market. Whether this is delivering onsite remapping of a fleet, to advice and support for operators that wish to provide an in-house remapping service through their own workshop, Topgear says it hasthe knowledge and flexibility to support you whatever the requirement.

Become an authorised dealer

If you are a workshop owner or technician, the company says it can equip you with the tools and training to professionally remap all types of vehicles for your customers, whether it is using the latest OBD tuning tools for the easiest of operation, or via more advanced methods, including the removal and opening of the ECU for direct remapping.

As an Authorised Topgear Tuning dealer, you will become part of an internationally promoted network of dealers, which the company says is renowned for providing professional ECU remapping solutions to businesses and drivers throughout the world.

Topgear was founded in 1984 as a small car accessory shop in Bridport, Dorset – later becoming an early e-commerce adopter selling alloy wheels, tyres and performance stainless steel exhausts.

Today, in addition to its e-commerce offering, Topgear consists of a number of divisions within the automotive aftermarket sector – Topgear Tuning (ECU Remapping), Longlife Exhausts and Powerflow Exhausts (Custom Stainless Steel Exhausts), HydroFlow (Engine Carbon Cleaning) and Topgear Bridport (Bosch Authorised Service Centre).

Through these complimentary services, the company says it is able to cater both for B2B and B2C customers, with its main business focused on bringing professional automotive products and services to new and existing workshops in the automotive industry.


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