Winton packs a punch for Carmarthenshire Tyre Services

Winton packs a punch for Carmarthenshire Tyre Services

Carmarthenshire Tyre Services is a full-service tyre fitting and repair business located in Cardiff, Carmarthen and Ebbw Vales in South Wales. The company has grown since its inception in 2004 and it now operates seven breakdown vans, employing 15 staff. With a 24-hour tyre breakdown service, the business relies on compressed air to deliver a fast and efficient service to customers round the clock.

Carmarthenshire Tyre Services operates out of three regional vehicle centres. Over the last 14 years, the company has grown, with mobile breakdown services a key part of its success.

When the business was set up it was imperative that a system was found that could deliver a constant compressed air supply. Vehicle mechanics depend on this in order to detect problems with existing tyres and to replace them.

Reliability was also a critical consideration – the team depends on the system operating for long periods of time while the breakdown service is out on the road.

“In the past, I have used conventional diesel compressors, but they were always very noisy and heavy,” Delme Owens, Managing Director at Carmarthenshire Tyre Services, said. “When I opened my own business, I decided to try a number of different on-board systems. However, as I was familiar with Winton from a previous job, its solutions quickly became the natural choice for us.”

As is the case for any small, growing business, costs needed to be kept in check in the initial phase of the company’s development. “When we considered the set-up costs of Winton on-board systems, compared to competitors, it was clear that there was only one winner,” Delme continued.

Carmarthenshire Tyre Services opted for Winton’s on-vehicle power system, which included a compressor and generator. The benefit of this solution is that it provides the flexibility to work with a variety of vehicle sizes, from standard cars and vans to heavy goods vehicles.

Ideal for mobile tyre-fitting operators, these systems provide sufficient compressed air to remove, refit and inflate HGV tyres with pressures up to 175psi (12bar). A constant air supply is provided, without the need for additional air tanks that would require statutory testing.

“We supply and fit tyres for everything from a wheelbarrow to a crane, so we need a system that is flexible enough to cope with a variety of jobs,” Delme said. “Winton on-board systems are the market leader in my eyes and reliability is key. Winton gives me that, with a back-up service we can rely on. Air delivery is clean and instant all the time, with the added benefits of weight and space saving within the vans.”

Paul Smith, Commercial Manager at Winton Engineering, commented: “At Winton, we have significant experience of working with clients in the mobile tyre services sector. Our engineers are skilled at meeting challenging requirements or creating bespoke solutions for customers. As Carmarthenshire Tyres Services has grown, it now has seven mobile breakdown vans and we are proud to deliver a solution that works effectively and reliably.”

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