55 Ways to Clean up Your Act
55 Ways to Clean up Your Act

55 Ways to Clean up Your Act

Cleaning might not always be the number one job on your list, but by setting yourself up with the right cleaning equipment you can reduce costs, improve presentation, stay safe and ensure legislative compliance. The experts at Kärcher explain how.


  1. Regularly cleaning all around the underside of a vehicle ensures leaks or damage are spotted quickly, and servicing is made much easier.
  2. Keep safe and legal by ensuring lights, glass, reflectors and number plates are kept clean with a pressure washer.
  3. A hot water cabinet pressure washer is perfect for van fleets as it’s always ready for use.
  4. Larger truck and van fleets can be kept perfectly presented with a gantry wash which automatically washes and dries.
  5. For smaller van fleets, a mobile hot water pressure washer is ideal, and can be used in different areas of your business.
  6. A rotating wash brush attached to a pressure washer is perfect for cleaning small fleets of vans or for reaching the top of truck cabs.


  1. Remove stains from upholstered seats with a Puzzi spray-extraction machine. The upholstery tool gets into tight corners and helps seats dry quickly.
  2. Clean up seat belts with a steam cleaner. They can remove dirt and grease from the belt and detailed areas around the buckle.
  3. A Puzzi carpet cleaner doubles-up with a simple attachment as a superb, streak-free window cleaner.
  4. Remove greasy stains and stuck-on dirt from seat upholstery with a steam cleaner. Use the steam to gently lift stains out of the fabric.


  1. Remove decals quickly and easily with a hot water pressure washer.
  2. Minimise risk of failure or extra charges by cleaning all around the underside of a vehicle before its MOT test.
  3. Use a hot water pressure washer with steam mode to degrease even large items easily.


  1. Floor scrubber driers remove oil and grease from workshop floors, restoring the original finish.
  2. A biological parts cleaner is always ready to tackle dirty parts without the need for solvents.
  3. Remove potentially harmful debris from workshop floors with a push sweeper.
  4. Add a hard surface cleaner to your pressure washer to clean floors and walls quickly.
  5. Use a wet & dry vacuum to remove spills, puddles and wet footprints from workshop floors.


  1. A mechanised sweeper keeps outdoor areas safe and well-presented with no effort.
  2. A pressure washer with Dirtblaster attachment strips dirt and moss away easily.
  3. Using a hard surface cleaner attachment with a pressure washer cleans walls and paved areas quickly and evenly, leaving them virtually dry.
  4. Solar panels can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly with iSolar cleaning brushes that help to protect your yields.
  5. For large delivery yards, a ride-on sweeper with weather protection will remove any debris and keep delivery vehicles safe.
  6. For companies with larger grounds, an MC 50 multi-functional sweeper/mower/snow mover will keep your business moving and well-presented all year round.


  1. Kill bacteria in sanitary areas with a steam cleaner. Kärcher’s machines are certified to kill 99.999% of bacteria without chemicals and deep cleans quickly, even in hard to reach areas.
  2. Keep floors in sanitary areas hygienic with a compact floor scrubber drier.


  1. Refresh and restore office carpets with a Puzzi spray extraction machine.
  2. Keep office carpets and chairs free of dirt with a dry vacuum cleaner.


  1. Using Kärcher’s eco!efficiency mode knocks 20% off hot water pressure washer fuel bills compared to washing at 80°C.
  2. Scrubber driers with the eco!efficiency mode reduce energy and water consumption for daily cleaning tasks.
  3. Kärcher’s eco!efficiency tub vacuums reduce power consumption by 40% compared to most tub vacs.
  4. A wet & dry vacuum performs the tasks of a normal tub vac but also sucks up liquids.
  5. A hard surface cleaner attachment for pressure washers adds greater versatility for little cost.
  6. Kärcher scrubber driers with the company’s DOSE system use only the right amount of detergent for each task, and detergent can even be switched off when not needed.
  7. Kärcher scrubber driers with the company’s KIK system can be set up to suit the skill level of the individual operator, reducing risk of misuse or damage.
  8. A carpet and upholstery cleaner for vehicles doubles up as an office cleaner.
  9. Kärcher’s KM 80 sweeper removes leaves and litter but doubles-up as a snow mover.
  10. Most Kärcher scrubber driers and all its steam cleaners are eligible for 100% first year tax relief through the Defra Water Technology List.
  11. Making your own dry ice pellets with a pelletiser reduces costs for regular users.
  12. Save up to 85% off your water bills by using a water recycling system in your wash bay.


  1. Using hot water instead of cold for pressure washing removes grease more easily and provides better cleaning results.
  2. Ice blasting strips unwanted contaminants from production machinery quickly and thoroughly, dramatically improving results compared to manual cleaning.
  3. Scrubber driers only use clean water and leave floors mechanically scrubbed and instantly dry, unlike using a mop and bucket.
  4. Push sweepers not only clear away debris more effectively than a broom, they also suppress dust.
  5. Using an upright vacuum for office carpets cleans more deeply than a tub vac.
  6. Using the correct detergents with your pressure washer or floor cleaner will save time, improve results and protect the finish.
  7. Using accessories like hard surface cleaners or washing brushes on your pressure washer gives faster, more consistent and more thorough cleaning results.


  1. Biological parts cleaners remove the risks associated with solvent cleaners.
  2. Use a pressure washer to ensure vans are kept clean in accordance with DVSA guidelines.
  3. Use a floor scrubber drier to remove oil and grease from workshop floors, preventing slip hazards.
  4. Improve and maintain hygiene standards by using a steam cleaner or floor scrubber drier instead of manual cleaning.
  5. Kärcher’s KM 80 sweeper removes leaves and litter but also doubles up as a snow mover, keeping walkways and car parks safe.
  6. Snow throwers remove deeper snow, keeping your business moving.
  7. A wet & dry vacuum is perfect for rapidly removing puddles from dripping vehicles in workshops – keep one handy to remove wet footprints from entrances to public-facing areas too.
  8. Maintain high presentation standards for your vehicles by cleaning them every day with a suitable machine.


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