At Your Service

At Your Service

Keeping vehicles on the road is essential for any fleet. Time is money in all sectors, and vehicle downtime for maintenance or repair can cost businesses more than the workshop time alone. This is why TOTAL says it has created a suite of services to help fleet managers optimise the productivity and efficiency of their fleets.

ANAC Oil Analysis

The company’s Analysis Compared service (ANAC) utilises expert diagnostic and preventative information to help identify and guard against engine health issues, before they escalate into serious problems. Since its introduction, over four million diagnoses have taken place, and over 470,000 mechanical units monitored, just by analysing a simple oil sample. TOTAL monitors engine reliability and can therefore diagnose potential problems across mechanical parts, including engines, transmissions, hydraulics and coolants, with a suite of fluid analyses specially adapted for fleet maintenance and optimisation.

The preventative maintenance service combines calculated wear limits for components including engine oil, axle oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil, synthetic oil and cooling fluid analysis. It can predict the likelihood of wear and part failures, such as head gasket and air filter failure, and can diagnose underlying issues, such as an ineffective water pump, thanks to a database of over five million samples.

The ANAC then enables fleet managers to optimise oil change frequencies, plan preventative maintenance, and take the hassle out of planning servicing dates for large fleets.


VisioStock continually monitors oil or lubricant tank levels, providing customers with statistics, statuses and measurements from every tank across their business, at any given time, via a range of devices. VisioStock sensors are placed inside the tanks and stock levels are transmitted to a secure data centre via built-in SIM cards.

For oils, greases and other lubricants, VisioStock provides complete stock transparency and visibility, while removing the headache of not knowing when a tank is about to run dry. Users can check the status of any tank, anywhere in the world, 24/7, just by accessing their personal online dashboard via computer, tablet or mobile. A ‘Sudden Drop Alert’ feature also helps prevent theft, or limits losses, if a tank is damaged.

The service also provides text alerts and proactive customer service calls to prompt orders when stock is low, ensuring businesses never run out of oil.

TOTAL Truck Solutions

TTS is a free-to-join platform dedicated to road hauliers. It enables members to access personalised solutions to optimise the productivity and performance of their vehicles and fleet management. It does this by offering advice for reducing fuel, information on products, AS24 fuel cards, toll roads, and on taxes and regulations. There is also guidance on improving route planning and where to find AdBlue.

TTS also keeps members informed with the latest industry news and updates such as VAT changes, toll increases or the availability of new lubricants, additives and added value services. TOTAL hopes to create an indispensable resource for UK fleet managers, with the aim of saving customers time and money.

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