Changing How You Measure Battery Maintenance

Changing How You Measure Battery Maintenance

How the Rotronics Online Battery Information System (ROBIS) can help fleet owners and managers reduce unnecessary costs relating to battery problems.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it and you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Battery problems remain the number one reason for non- starts amongst fleet vehicles. As a result Rotronics, the UK partner for CTEK and Midtronics battery management technology and an expert in pro-active battery maintenance and service solutions, has developed ROBIS.

A web-based dashboard and reporting system, ROBIS can collect battery and electrical data from a number of national/regional workshop sources and can update software across the fleet.

Battery management

Regular, consistent battery testing and charging is essential in battery management and it is important that workshops help minimise the risk of battery failure and expensive roadside non- starts. Collecting and analysing the battery and electrical data within a fleet is essential in reducing those unnecessary costs. A battery needs to be fit for its purpose and the technical team must ensure that the vehicle’s charging system can support the drive cycle and daily parasitic loads. ROBIS will be the lynchpin in gaining all the information that a workshop needs to ensure that their vehicles are on the road when and where they should be.

ROBIS has been developed to be used in conjunction with the Rotronics EXP1000FHD Fleet Heavy Duty Testing Platform. Users simply upload the testers SD card data into the portal each month.

Ken Clark, Managing Director of Rotronics, said: “We couldn’t be happier with ROBIS and our existing customers certainly feel that it is a game changer in their workshops. Fleet managers and owners are now able to see exactly what their batteries are doing across the fleet and can gather national and regional data to one source. In terms of helping them reduce unnecessary battery-related costs, this is the tool to do it.

“This is a significant shift for our customers in managing their workshop operations and the way they view battery testing. It delivers an under-the-Collecting and analysing the battery and electrical data within a fleet is essential in reducing those unnecessary costs.microscope view of battery performance by supporting battery suppliers with valuable trend analysis. Simply, this is about demonstrating that our programme delivers real-time cost savings in the proactive use of our battery management programme. This is something we have never been able to prove before. Feedback from customers so far has been extremely positive, with them being blown away with the level of data and information that can be extracted from our battery management process.”

Users must have internet access and their personalised, secure login will give multiple user access to the dashboard, reports, warranty management and the regional/national statistics of their fleet.

Battery health

The dashboard works on any PC, tablet or mobile phone device and gives instant access to current and historical workshop testing results and analysis. The workshop and management team can manage both workshop maintenance and vehicle reliability trends with their personalised reports. These reports will also help them identify individual training needs within the overall battery maintenance process.

With minimal input from the technical team, workshops can actively manage and process their warranty claims. ROBIS can provide a comprehensive overview of the battery health and lifecycle performance if fleet information is uploaded into the database; this will help warranty adjudication for both user and supplier.

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