Fix up, Look Smart

Fix up, Look Smart

r2c Online has announced recent smart improvements to its Earned Recognition software to make it easier for fleets to meet DVSA requirements. CVW finds out more.

After a successful year, r2c Online has recently made further improvements to its Exemplar Fleet package. New functionality includes off-platform data imports, allowing fleets to submit all their Earned

Recognition data in either a digital or non-digital format for a single, consolidated overview of their KPIs. These enhanced tools have been introduced by the company to make the digital transition easier for fleets that still use a combination of digital and manual paperwork processes. It also means fleets can upload tachograph results for one single data repository.

The solution also includes smart KPI triggers, which provide an ‘early warning’ system, as operators are alerted to any compliance breaches four weeks before DVSA is notified. This provides greater insight into failure reasons and allows time to rectify any issues. As well as this, each potential breach issue comes with prompts of recommended actions and tips to help guide fleets towards best practice compliance.

Nick Walls, Managing Director at r2c Online, said: “We’ve taken the Exemplar Fleet package one step further, building unique functionality to allow fleets to be truly proactive with their compliance and maintenance. Our software doesn’t just tell you what went wrong, it explains why and how, and provides the user with the information required to prevent it from happening again. This is proving particularly useful for Earned Recognition operators, which is why we’re now proud to be the leading supplier for the DVSA scheme.”

Another valuable tool is the complete fleet health check, which offers users the ability to drill down into compliance data from source, allowing them to improve their data management more efficiently.

Nick continued: “Our investment into customer service and support has also allowed us to offer a full Earned Recognition support service alongside the technology. This includes account setup, consultancy on data management (both on and off platform), help recruiting supply chains onto the platform, and ongoing support whenever needed.”

“It’s also important to note that our Exemplar Fleet software package is not just for Earned Recognition operators. It’s just as powerful for any operators wanting to increase their compliance and efficiency levels or realise the cost savings of going digital – and don’t worry, no trigger reports are sent to DVSA through our platform unless you are officially part of the Earned Recognition scheme.”

CS Ellis Group

East Midlands-based logistics company, CS Ellis, has recently saved over 30 hours each week since joining the r2c Online compliance platform.

The family-run business decided to adopt r2c’s technology to optimise its entire fleet and workshop operation last summer.

Operations Director at CS Ellis, Peter Turner, explained: “Before our partnership with r2c, we experienced a lack of visibility across the business due to manual admin processes, and keeping on top of compliance across our four depots had become both inefficient and time consuming.”

Peter continued, “Our workshop was completely paper-based too, so the transition to digital felt like a big move and the partner had to be right for us. After extensive market research by our IT team, r2c was the obvious choice as the platform centralises all of our data in one place, including all of our driver checks and maintenance records. They’ve supported us to make the entire transition as smooth as possible, and now you couldn’t pay us to go back to paper.”

Using r2c, CS Ellis’ time savings total over 30 hours a week thanks to the large reduction in administrative tasks such as scheduling, reporting defects and chasing maintenance updates.

“Now, the entire team can collaborate online with real-time updates. Ultimately, we’re reducing our vehicle downtime, so we can continue to provide the leading logistics service we’ve worked hard to uphold over the past 85 years.”

Looking ahead, CS Ellis wants to further its technological focus, with an aim to achieve Earned Recognition in the next 12 months.

“DVSA has now given the industry three years to go digital, so we’re delighted to already be ahead of the
game and we’re confident r2c can help us achieve Earned Recognition. We’ve already recommended them to other operators, as we can’t fault the product and service provided so far,” concluded Peter.

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