Induction Innovations examines induction heat

Induction Innovations examines induction heat

Have you ever caused damage with a torch in the workshop? Does removing problem parts take up a lot of time and a new solution would make your job easier? Do you want to improve safety in the workshop? Induction Innovations outlines the advantages of using induction heat vs the traditional approach of an oxy-acetylene torch.

Induction heat vs open flames

The use of a torch in a confined space increases the consequential fire risk – plastics, wiring, trim, etc. – around the part being removed can catch fire. This has the potential to cause costly damage.

By contrast, induction heating is a safe, reliable and flameless heat which is created by high-frequency magnetic fields. Induction Innovations’ tools remove adhesives bonded to metal and release seized hardware from corrosion or threat lock compounds all without collateral damage normally associated with open flames.

Increase productivity, profits, and safety

Induction heat only heats the part within the coil, so the heat is localised. This minimizes the damage to the surrounding area and parts can be re-used. Induction Innovations’ products can heat nuts and bolts in seconds for fast and easy removal which can save technicians repair time. For example, a 19mm nut is heated red hot in just 15 seconds with its Mini- Ductor series. Most importantly, using induction heating as an alternative to a naked flame means technicians are safer in the workshop.

Induction Innovations Induction heat

Mini-Ductor product line & applications

Induction Innovations product lines include the Mini-Ductor handheld units. These units are available in 240V, 110V, and 12V versions. The Mini-Ductors are perfect for removing corroded exhausts, exhaust manifold bolts, inline connectors, lug and wheel nuts, O2 sensors, and more.

The Mini-Ductor Venom is the latest in the Mini-Ductor Series. The Venom features an angled pistol grip design, an LED work light, and a coil twist-lock that locks coils in place. Their variety of coil accessories can help you get to those hard-to-reach areas. The Venom kit includes a custom fit storage case, three basic coils, an instruction manual, and a two-year warranty.

Inductor Pro-Max & applications

If you are looking for more power, Induction Innovations offers the Inductor Pro-Max CE. This 2kW induction heating system is an ideal shop tool that includes the Pro-Max inverter, three attachments, an instruction manual, and one-year warranty.

The attachments include the Concentrator, which instantly heats hardware to red-hot in seconds and removes body caulking, seam sealers and hail dents.

The next attachment is the Glass Blaster for removing bonded glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives, and spray-on bedliners. Windshields can be removed in less than 15 minutes from outside the vehicle.

Lastly, the Fast-Off Pad which removes vinyl graphics, body side moldings, sound pads, and more. The Fast-Off pad provides a solvent-free removal process. The adhesive remains on graphic, leaving a clean surface behind.

These CE-marked, easy-to-use tools can cope with a variety of heating needs. To find out more, call 01953 859138, email, or click here.

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