Made to fit

Made to fit

Installing a pit is a big investment and a serious commitment, so it is vital that the end product is correctly tailored to the business. Premier Pits works with its customers to ensure precisely that.

Vehicle maintenance workshops across the UK are being transformed by the installation of prefabricated steel pits. The reported creator of the concept, Premier Pits, has had to make design improvements, add new features and options as well as improving installation methods to cater for not only the growing demand for this equipment, but also the specific requirements of each individual workshop customer.

Build your own pit

Although all pits are built around standard basic formats, they can be, and often are, tailored to suit individual customer needs, thereby making available an endless range of combinations. Some suppliers have virtual pit builders that customers can use to plan what they would like for their installation. Premier Pits has its own online ‘Pit Builder’ that allows the end user to design their own bespoke pit based around their requirements. It gives a visual of the optional extras available, such as Motorised Safety Covers and Equipment Recesses for storing waste oil and tools.

The Pit Builder also assists customers when deciding whether to have additional equipment, such as a brake tester or wheel play detectors for pre-testing, or the addition of tunnels and other requirements in order to achieve DVSA standards for an ATF.

Once the client has submitted a bespoke design, a member of the sales team will contact them to iron out the details and arrange a site visit to gather measurements. This process is particularly helpful for those clients that want the option of expanding in the future, such as the addition of an ATF.

What the customers have to say

Workshops can minimise disruption that usually accompanies an installation of this kind by working with the installer, subsequently enabling the technicians to get on with the day-to-day business of servicing vehicles. One particular example of this is Lothian Buses. The company commissioned Premier Pits to dig out 10 pits and replace them with nine new pits, all within a 12-week period with the workshop still in 24-hour operation.

Lothian Buses found that it needed to install new pits due to bus design changes, such as lower floors affecting under body access and the change in the size of modern buses. It was not an option to close down the workshop whilst the project took place, so the replacements went ahead in a 24-hour fully operational workshop. The waste generated by the installation had to be cleared on a daily basis to keep the workshop as clear as possible.

Made to fit

In order to reduce the amount of disruption, Premier Pits worked in sections of three or four pits at a time. Each pit was broken out individually and replaced with a new one before moving on to the next. This approach made it possible for Premier Pits to work efficiently, while Lothian Buses went about its day-to-day operations with minimal disruption.

More than pits

Premier Pits specialises beyond the installation of pits, including:


Designed as an elevated service platform for servicing heavy vehicle brake disc assemblies, BrakeMate eliminates the majority of manual lifting during the disc brake maintenance process. It also enables a single user to complete the whole process, rather than being a two person job.

The company also has its Premier Wash Down range, designed to wash down vehicles from the top to bottom in preparation for an MOT. The CE-certified range consists of three options:

The Premier Wash Down Pit

This pit includes a large built-in settlement tank with a weir, a flow forge floor and hose connections, allowing a vehicle to be washed above and below at the same time. Yard space: 10m

The Premier Half Wash Down Pit/Half Ramp

A Premier Wash Down Pit, including ramps either side, that accommodates a settlement tank to be built-in to collect water. Yard space: 19.5m

The Premier Wash Down Ramp

This installation allows operatives to clean vehicles on a safe, CE-marked ramp. These have been designed with a safe landing platform for the drivers to exit the vehicle.

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