Supporting the Fleet
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Supporting the Fleet

Supporting the Fleet

TOTAL explains how it is aiming to help fleet operators with the launch of TOTAL Truck Solutions, a platform dedicated to road hauliers, fleet managers, maintenance managers and drivers.

Total truck Solutions (TTS) is a solutions-oriented online portal dedicated to providing truck drivers, fleet supervisors and maintenance managers with time-saving and cost-efficient tools to better manage their businesses. TTS aims to support road hauliers to optimise the productivity and performance of their vehicles and fleet management.

TOTAL offers a range of premium lubricants for commercial vehicles across the world through its RUBIA brand. The products are said to provide fleet managers with increasing vehicle efficiency, performance and protection, helping to reduce costs and the amount of maintenance required.

It does this by offering logistics operators money and time saving advice, such as reducing fuel usage, preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns, toll services, tax payments and regulations. There is also advice for drivers about the dedicated HGV AS 24 station network in the UK and Europe, and where to find AdBlue.

TTS also keeps members informed with the latest industry updates such as new technologies, the environment, safety, fuel economy, availability of new lubricants, additives and added value services.

To achieve such useful insights, the company wanted to create a tool which accesses all products and services dedicated to fleet operators, such as the AS 24 fuel cards, lubricants, oil analysis, toll badges, geolocation and tax recovery. TOTAL is also supported by partners such as OnTruck to help logistics operators optimise their routes and mutualise shipments.

Global savings simulator

TTS also includes a comprehensive cost savings calculator, so fleet operators can save money on their fuel usage and fleet management. It considers distances travelled, fuel consumption, fleet size, fuel cards and the various countries visited.

By offering recommendations on increasing MPG, vehicle reliability, reducing toll expenses with discounts and dedicated services, plus improvements to cash flow, members can see what their savings could be if they made simple changes within their overall business.

Peer-to-peer support

TTS isn’t just a public platform managed by TOTAL, it is also a portal and community network of its own. Members can connect with their peers on personalised community forums, post questions and answers, or discuss the latest news. The community site also allows for posting of job vacancies across the industry, which can be applied for directly from within the portal.

Keeping the transport community in the loop, TTS also provides a free monthly newsletter, so visitors can stay on top of all the latest updates and changes within the industry. Truck festivals, regulations, road building and much more will be covered, keeping recipients abreast of the latest transport industry news.

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